• Introduction to analogue electronics - free?
  • SMT workshop building Arduino nanos - £10? haven't worked out BOM
  • SMT workshop building boost boards - £5
  • Laser induction - £20? - and would require membership
  • Wood lathe induction -
  • CNC induction - £50 - too pricey?
  • Raspberry Pi workshop - free
  • 3D printing and openscad workshop - free
  • Beginners Arduino workshop - include kit? might be too much work?

Suggestions for Electronics Workshops

  • How to read electronic circuit diagrams (schematics, component identification)
  • How to use electronic test equipment (multimeter, signal generator, scope, power supplies)
  • Simple diode circuits (LED, rectifier, zener, TL431)
  • Simple transistor circuits (amplifiers, oscillators, power supplies, power drivers)
  • 555 timer circuits (inc. noisemakers, e.g. the Atari Punk Console)
  • Op-amp circuits (amplifiers, oscillators, analog computers, signal conditioning)
  • Logic circuits (gates, flip-flops, counters, decoders, multiplexers, shift registers)
  • Sensors and transducers (piezo, infra-red, microphones, hall-effect, temperature, pressure)
  • Analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog (analog audio and video, analog mux, SPI/I2C DAC/ADC)
  • Circuit repair (common failures, fault-finding, testing)
  • Electronic music (synth circuits, guitar stomp-boxes, rhythm boxes)

offering the workshops

  • have a signup list at the hackspace table,
  • take emails and for those workshops that require payment, or do via a laptop there,
  • get people to pay before hand via event brite or similar.
  • have a suggestions box as well, take email and if we get enough people we can put something on that has been requested.
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