Cards vs Fobs

The building management want our fobs back in return for cards. We don't know if the fobs will stop working.

Current keys available

We have 3 keys and fobs atm.

List of current key holders
  • If you want a key add your name to the list, pay the deposit and email the list. The deposit is to be paid to the usual account, and is £30. £20 of the deposit is returnable.
  • If you have a key/fob and haven't yet paid your deposit, please pay.
  • If you have a key/fob and aren't on the list please add yourself.
Name Has a key or fob paid deposit
Matt V back door key yes
Paul Maddox no yes
Anton no no
Ian S fob no
David H no no
Alaric no no
Sam W fob yes
Arthur card yes
Tarim back door key yes
Jon back door key yes
Ed fob yes
Mark P fob yes
Russell D fob yes
Steph no yes
Tyeth card yes
Other ways in

Don't forget you can check if people are in via the web. How to get into the physical hackspace

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