How to get into the physical hackspace

Of course the Bristol Hackspace is more than just a room with cool tools in it, but sometimes you might actually need to get into it. To do so you have a number of options:

  1. Come to an organised event: The space is always open for our open evenings on Thursdays from 7pm until late, when the street door should be open (or at least unlocked). We also have events most Tuesday evenings, again from about 7pm onwards.
  1. Get a key & entry card: if you are a registered Hackspace member you can apply for your own key using the Hackspace Card Request form. This sends a request directly to the building owners, BV Studios (who we rent the space from), who will give you a smart card for 24/7 access to the building (through the door into the “loading dock” area) and a conventional key for the door from the corridor into the hackspace. They charge £40 for each set, of which £20 is refundable on return of key and card, and require confirmation that you are a member of the hackspace. The key for the glass door that opens directly onto the street is kept in the space and is general only used for public events like the Thursday night open evening.
  1. Email the mailing list in advance to arrange a time: Various members with keys live or work locally or drop into the hackspace themselves during the day, so it's often easy to arrange a time for them to let you in if you're able to be a little flexible and give advance notice. Some Cards vs Fobss are listed on the wiki, but the mailing list is a better bet.
  1. Find out if someone's there already: We have an anyone in script on our website. If you go to that page from inside the hackspace it'll register that you're in there (or at least on its wireless network); if you go to the page from *outside* the hackspace [network], it'll tell you if anyone else is there. Alternatively you can look at the light level in the space, as if the lights are on probably someone's in, or you can try just turning up and knocking on the door, but it may not work!

We also used to have another option: tweeting @bristolhackbell, which was connected to the tweettube (the black box near the desktop PC). This played a sound in the space, and if someone was there they could answer it by pressing the “Yes” button. Sadly this has gone by the wayside…

Finding the hackspace

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