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Bristol Hacksapce had acquired a 3 phase Hardinge lathe and is looking at options to power it from a 240 volt supply. Would you recommend a suitable product from your range please. I rang earlier in December but we did not have much information at that time. The lathe has 3 off 3 phase motors and a 230 volt supply from a transformer connected to one of the 3 phases. Spindle motor: 1.5/ 0.5 hp 440 volt dual windings. A jpeg of the motor plate is attached. Speed change motor: 1/20 hp 3 phase. A jpeg of the motor plate is attached coolant pump 1/10 hp 3 phase motor. I could not find a motor plate on this. An image of the transformer plate is also attached. The control electrics appear to 60's vintage electromechanical, the serial number indicates the lathe was made in 1961. A variable speed DC motor for the carriage drive is powered through the control transformer. The lathe did not come with a circuit diagram but I have located a 1961 version which seems to be similar, except for the control power which they show as 115 volt, and have attached it as a pdf. The lathe will be used intermittently for amateur use. Please don't hesitate to email if you need further information. Thanks John Willis


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Well there are two options here and I assume your does not have the variable speed feed option fitted so either one Plug and Play converter model DSA5 costing £1000 or 2 smaller D2 inverters costing around £700 and these would need connecting internally to the machine however the second motor may have a dual voltage winding so if you can send a picture of the connection terminals of this motor and also the internal electrics of the machine including the transformer I can look into this and maybe come up with a £600 solution with the D2-403 model,

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