Hard Wired LAN and Router

The Router is a converted BT Homehub running OpenWRT (an open source Firmware). This connects to the building wireless connection as a client device and provides an internet link to the hard wired network hardware in G11 via CAT 5 cable and a network switch. The hard wired network can be used for connected devices without WiFi or connecting devices to transfer large amounts of data more quickly than WiFi.

The router runs a DHCP server to deliver sane subnet IPV4 addresses to the connected devices; it delivers NAT (?does it?) and internet service to devices connected. It does not provide cross-subnet routing of services (so devices or services connected to the wired network are not available to the wireless network). The exception to this is that the CUPS server running on the Membership PC shares print services over both networks.

The network switch is on the window sill and provides connectivity capacity to the wired lan.

The devices connected to the hard wired LAN are:

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