G11 Outside Door Lock

Changing the lock on the Hackspace G11 outside door so that it isn't so easy to leave it unlocked - especially when there is nobody in G11.

  • The building security is the responsibility of Robert, the building owner.
  • Access through the outside door of G11 gives access to internal side of the entire north wing of BV Studios - so it's not only about security of the Hackspace.
  • The Hackspace is not free within its rental terms to do whatever it wishes with the locks.
  • Any changes must be approved by Robert before they are implemented and must be carried out by the approved lock-smith, Simon Stadden.
  • Any changes would have to be paid for by the Hackspace since changing the locks on the outside door doesn't benefit anyone else in BV Studios.
  • Any RFID system would need to be compatible with the RFID for the rest of the building and would cost a 4 figure sum.
  • Any latching lock replacement would have to be an Abloy security lock. This would cost around £300 to fit. Keys can only be created for someone in possession of the security code for that lock and cost around £25 each.

In early 2013 Tarim discussed this with Robert and got permission to get a quote from Simon Stadden. Simon visited the property, and gave the above quotes. One of the reasons he gave for the expense of the Abloy was that the door frame itself is quite thin.

Tarim attempted to get confirmation from Simon that the Abloy was indeed a latching system (there's no point spending the money if we just end up with a more expensive version of what we have now) but was unable to get him to return any calls.

The committee decided (at that time) that the Hackspace couldn't afford £300 anyway so Tarim gave up on trying to get a confirmation from Simon.

In late 2015 Joe and David H approached Robert about installing either a latched solution or putting the door on the main key card system for the building. Neither Joe nor David reported back - so it is assumed this came to nothing.

November 2016: The door is being left unlocked when no-one is in again. Would an induction for new members help solve this?

If anyone wants to move forward with this then they don't have to be a member of the committee but they do need to:

  • Discuss with Robert as to what would be acceptable
  • Discuss with Simon (or the currently approved lock-smith) what the cost of a replacement would be and that it is a latching solution
  • Get the Hackspace committee to approve the cost
  • Arrange for it to happen

Any discussion about members of the Hackspace installing their own, non-approved, locks are a waste of time (and incredibly irritating to those of us who've already looked at this) until either they can persuade Robert to allow a different locking system; Robert sells the building to a new owner who has different views on security or the Hackspace moves to new premises.

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