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The first step to becoming a member is to visit us on one of our Thursday induction evenings (currently suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions) to be shown around the space. If you’ve done that and would like to get involved, consider becoming a member. Membership entitles you to:

  • Access to the Hackspace (n.b. deposit required for key for 24hr access)
  • The use of tools, equipment and components
  • A space (other than your kitchen table) to work on projects and store stuff
  • A community of people committed to the open sharing of knowledge
  • A say in how the Hackspace is run

In order to become a member of the Hackspace, we ask you to make a monthly payment via standing order that covers the use you get out of the space (our suggested donation is £15 per calendar month). Fill out the form below and we’ll send you the details. In order to access the members Google Group a free Google Account associated with the email address you use is required.

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    Please read the following overview of our terms and conditions and answer the question below in order to continue:

    1. Don’t be on Fire!
      Your safety and the safety of others is your responsibility, so you must always consider the risks and hazards of your actions, and challenge unsafe behaviour in others. Wear appropriate safety gear. Report all incidents.
    2. Pay Monthly Membership.
      To participate in Hackspace and to use Hackspace’s stuff, pay a monthly membership fee by bank transfer.
    3. Be Excellent to Each-Other.
      Hackspace is an inclusive environment, and we will not tolerate any behaviour that we deem to be harassment, bullying, or discrimination.
    4. Give Back to Hackspace.
      Hackspace doesn’t have paid staff and relies on members to keep it clean, safe, and running smoothly. Tidy up after yourself, and give some time back in proportion to the usage you get from the space.
    5. Supervise Guests.
      Guests, visitors, children, and even pets are welcome, but must be supervised by a Hackspace member who accepts responsibility for them.
    6. Do Not Hack Means Do Not Hack.
      Do not hack (or remove) Hackspace’s infrastructure and tools, or other member’s possessions. Keep your stuff safe from hacking by only storing it in a project box or in the materials rack.
    7. Donate Intelligently.
      Hackspace welcomes donations of quality tools, useful components, and interesting stuff to hack, but not junk.
    8. Be Inducted.
      Do not use any tool you are not comfortable and confident using. Formal inductions are mandatory to use some of our more dangerous or costly machinery.
    9. Be Legal.
      Abide by the law when in Hackspace. Do not make controlled substances (such as drugs), illegal items (such as prohibited weapons), or attempt unauthorised access to computer systems (the other type of hacking).
    10. Follow BV Studios’ Rules Too.
      Hackspace is a tenant of BV Studios, so you must follow BV’s rules on communal areas, waste, and security. Check all doors and windows are locked before you leave Hackspace.

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    Please note that as Bristol Hackspace is 100% volunteer run new memberships are usually processed once a week, and that your membership can only be processed after your first standing order payment has cleared.