The Converging World build a solar phone charger at the hackspace

Over the last few days there’s been loads of activity at the hackspace, today we’ve had mosfet power controllers, Bristol Braille, bike automatons, CNC spoon milling, PCB design & fab, cardboard surfboards, set design and solar phone chargers! It’s fantastic to see so many varied activities all going on in the space.

I spoke to the guys from The Converging World about their solar phone charger and persuaded them to pose for a photo.


They’re using an old farm’s 120W solar panel to charge a 12V battery (inside the drawers). Then using the classic trick of car mobile phone chargers (the circles in the top drawer) to step down the battery suitable for mobile phone charging. It’s all come together over the last 2 days and they just left the space on their way to the festival. Good luck!