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-====== Hackspace work day Feb-Mar 2016 ====== 
-Doodle poll link to choose date: [[http://​doodle.com/​poll/​cibgbyqnyxnrb3x8]] 
-====== General tidying ====== 
-^ Task ^ Details ^ Claimed by ^ 
-| Sort out items with out-of-date Do Not Hack Until labels | The green DNHU labels expired on 1 January, so items still bearing them can be removed to free up space! | 
-| Dispose of rubbish/​recycling | 
-====== Improvements ====== 
-^ Task ^ Details ^ Claimed by ^ 
-| Post tray | Put up a tray so incoming post/​paperwork can be put in a specific location | 
-| Make space for lathe | Rearrange G10 so there is space for the Hardinge lathe | 
-| Repair benches | Repair/​rebuild workshop benches in G10 | Already done by Joe D! | 
-| Move all safety items to one place in G11| Move the sewing machine and put the fire extinguishers first aid kit  eyewash and fire evacuation notice on the wall, mare the area in front of it as a gangway.| 
-| Extend the Coloured DNH labels to G11.| Put a container for coloured DNH labels & instructions on the wall in G11 | 
-| Move the large shelf unit from the Biohack area to near the door| Put the electronic components boxes under the electronics bench, move the cupboard next to the door move the large rack to where the cupboard was, adjust the shelves so waste bins go at the bottom , to be hacked stuff on the next shelf up, and top shelf for stuff to be thrown out.| 
-| Printers | build a shelf for all large printers and put them on it and connect them so they work on the shelf| 
-| Biohack shelves and notices | Put shelves along the wall for biohack stuff and chemical / biohazard warning notices by the bench.| 
-| Labels | Label all shelves and storage locations with what is supposed to go there.| 
-| component storage| Rationalise the component storage in G11.| 
-| Mark gangways| Mark gangways and work areas with floor tape. | 
-| Shelves| Put shelves on all walls behind benches, ensuring anything on upper shelves can be accessed using a stepladder //without// standing on the benches (cf accessing the oscilloscopes)| 
-| Electronic-area Benches| Re-orientate benches near the external door (i.e. not near the corridor to the corridor) to (1) make more bench space usable (2) remove mains cables trailing across floor (3) increase floor-to-ceiling wallspace for full-height shelving or storage (4) increase face-to-face working, as that seems popular. This should be tied in with the "​component storage",​ "mark gangways",​ and "​shelves"​ tasks | Tom G | 
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