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 +====== tweettube ======
 +an internet doorbell for the hackspace. Do you want to come down to the space, but don't know if someone'​s in? Tweet @bristolhackbell with a question that can be answered with a '​yes'​ or '​no'​.
 +The doorbell will play a doorbell sound, and if someone'​s in they can reply by pressing a button.
 +====== pictures ======
 +====== circuit diagram ======
 +====== how to hack ======
 +we've left some easily available extra pins available on the system, that include serial IO for easy arduino connection.
 +====== code & case CAD ======
 +We're using openscad for the case
 +We're using python with [[http://​stackoverflow.com/​questions/​10970550/​using-tweepy-to-access-twitters-streaming-api|tweepy'​s streaming API]].
 +====== blog posts about the project ======
 +  * case design [[http://​www.mattvenn.net/​2013/​02/​17/​using-openscad-for-2d-machining/​]]
 +  * overview [[http://​racoontech.co.uk/​2013/​01/​twitter-doorbell/​]]
 +  * raspberry pi code
 +  * writing a simple control library in python for the VFD
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