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Bristol Hackspace Wiki

Welcome to the Bristol Hackspace Wiki, a place to share ideas and information for the Bristol Hackspace community.
If there's information you want that isn't on here, please add it to the list of requested pages.

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<box left 30% green|Equipment and Components>

Most hand tools are available for use by members without induction. However, some REQUIRE INDUCTION before use.

Other equipment pages

Buying equipment for the hackspace


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For this wiki we use DokuWiki a freely available, standards compliant and easy to use wiki.
If you would like to know more about DokuWiki then you can visit the home page at: or read the manual at:

Wiki pages are written using a simple markup language. This allows you to add formatting such as bold, italic and underline and more. For more on this markup language see and How to create tables. If you would like to contribute to the wiki to add your own pages or anything else you consider useful to the Hackspace community then click the login link above. This will take you to another page from where you can register.

New Users

Using the Hackspace

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