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Please clear up solder splashes/drops and wire clippings after soldering; that will reduce the chance of detritus causing shorts in equipment or projects.

Precision Iron

The Precision Gold A55KJ iron has a small conical tip that is suitable for soldering fine-pitch surface mount devices (SMD) and small through-hole components on PCBs. It is not suitable where large amounts of heat have to be dumped into the solder/components, for example a BNC or SMA connector, particularly if there is also a ground plane.

Location: shelves above soldering bench. The manual is in the “bankers box” also on those shelves.

Standard Irons

We have a wide selection of traditional “red hot poker” irons, typically 15W or 25W. These are suitable for through-hole components on PCBs, or where larger amounts of heat have to be quickly dumped into the components, e.g. large metal connectors, or ground planes

Location: crate on shelves by external wall.

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