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Bristol Hackspace Skillshares

Events lasting around 2 hours where Hackspace members talk about or demonstrate something they are interested in. They will often include hands on practical sessions.


1st Tuesday most months 7:00pm to 9:00pm


Studio G11, BV Studios, Stillhouse Lane, Bristol, BS3 4EA

Entry through the doors at the corner of Stillhouse Lane and Philip St which will be open from 6:30 pm


Tickets must be purchased in advance through Eventbrite. There will be a link in the descriptive page for each event and on other advertising material.

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Planned Skillshares

DateTopicPresenterMore infoHackspace Facilities used

Past Skillshares

DateTopicPresenterMore infoHackspace Facilities needed
Tuesday March 6thSharpening ToolsToby ScottSkillshare-Sharpening-ToolsG10 Bench, grinder
Tuesday February 6th 2018Easy Cheap Fast Reliable CircuitsTom GardnerSkillshare-Easy-Cheap-Fast-Reliable-CircuitsG11 Desks, Projector, Soldering irons & test equipment
Tuesday November 7th 2017Cancelled
Tuesday October 3rdMake Mead for XmasRuss CouperSkillshare-MeadG11 Desks & sink
Tuesday September 5thKeeping Invertebrate PetsNic GoverSkillshare-Invertebrate-petsG11 Desks + Projector
Tuesday August 1stNo Skillshare Planned
Tuesday July 4th 2017CyanotypeCharlotte BiszewskiSkillshare-CyanotypeG11 Desks + Sink + exposure unit
Tuesday June 6th 2017Intermediate use of Oscilloscopes Tom GardnerSkillshare-Intermediate-OscilloscopesG11 Desks + Hackspace Oscilloscopes
Tuesday May 2nd 2017Cancelled
Tuesday 4th April 2017Usng the small drag knife cutterJohn DavisSkillshare-Drag-knife-cutterG11 Desks, Drag knife cutter, projector and screen
Tuesday 7th March 2017Cancelled
Tuesday February 7th 2017Use of OscilloscopesTom GardinerSkillshare-OscilloscopesG11 Desks + Hackspace Oscilloscopes
Monday January 9th 2017Artistic Laser CuttingNic MarshallSkillshare-Artistic-laser-cuttingG11 Desks + Laser Cutter
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