Sources of Materials and Services

A frequent topic on the bristolhackspace-members list is “where can I get material X”, or “where can I get Y done”. This page is merely a brief summary of some of the responses, to try and capture local lore and reduce boring repeat questions.

Members are strongly encouraged to add/edit items as they see fit - that's the whole point of a wiki!

Hobarts Libby Miller 2019-04
Avon Plywood Keynsham Will cut if asked in advance Oliver Humpage 2019-04
Eastmans Round the corner Cheap, full sheets only, limited hours Matt Glasspole 2019-04
Bishopston Hardware Gloucester Rd Will cut to any size Matt Glasspole 2019-04
laserply ebay Doesn't cut, costs not too bad Tim Dean 2019-04
Travis Perkins Unable to cut, decent wood Sam C 2019-04
Robbins Timber Ashton Vale Good range of materials including veneer Kit Wallace 2019-05
Hobarts Libby Miller 2019-04
Pure Plastic Hengrove Nice people Oliver Humpage 2019-04
Sheet Plastics Never had a problem Oliver Humpage 2019-04
F.R.Warren Ashley Down Trading Estate cheap off-cuts in their scrap bins Kit Wallace 2019-05
Banbury Metals off Feeder Rd Very old school. Good prices. Terrible service. Like to work in inches. Matt Glasspole 2019-04
LW Jenkins Feeder Rd Laser cutting & pressbrake - not sure of the minimum order. JG Packer 2019-04
SSC Mainly use them for laser cutting & bending, cheap, but min order is £125 JG Packer 2019-04 Will stop selling filament soon. Awesome customer service. Good quality filament. Expensive. NG 2019-04
Filamentive Recycled filament. Good quality. OK price. NG 2019-04
Faberdashery Super good quality. Many colours. PLA only. Expensive. NG 2019-04
3D Print Works Masterspool refills. Good price. Mostly just PLA. NG 2019-04
yandles Good wood, reasonable prices Sam C 2019-05
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