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Beginners often prototype their electronic circuits on solderless breadboards, but in practice they are the work of the devil. The invisibly unreliable contacts, “parasitic” wire inductance, and wires poked in the wrong hole mean that when (not if) a circuit doesn't work as expected, you are left guessing whether the problem is in the circuit's design or just a breadboard problem. That's all unnecessarily confusing and discouraging.

Fortunately experienced amateurs and professionals know easy, fast and cheap ways to make decent prototype circuits with both conventional through-hole components and modern SMD components. With care, these prototypes can be both high-performance and robust enough that it isn't necessary to replace them with a pukka PCB.

This skillshare will discuss and illustrate construction techniques with names like “dead bug”, “live bug”, “manhattan”, “pittsburgh”. It will introduce how to structure prototypes' construction, and show some commercial and homebrew components and techniques that make life easier.

Attendees should have soldered electronic circuits, and know which end of a soldering iron is hot.


Price: TBA

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Time & Location

Tuesday 6th February 19:00 - 21:30

Bristol Hackspace, Studio G11, BV Studios 37 Philip Street Bristol BS3 4EA

The door at the corner of Philip Street and Stillhouse Lane will be open from 18:30.

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