This Skillshare was postponed until January 9th 2017 after a problem with the laser cutter prevented it being run on 2nd December

Nic Marshall: Creative Laser Cutting

From hand drawing to laser cutting you'll learn to cut wood or plastic out with a pen!

The skillshare will start with a hand drawing. This will then be scanned or photographed into a computer where we'll translate it into 2 file types that the laser cutter will understand. With these files we can then use the laser cutter to cut your drawing out.

By the end of the session you'll:

  know how to engrave a jpeg, 
  know how to create a vector from a scanned drawing,
  know how to combine and scale and reference two kinds of cutting passes for the laser cutter
  have a 75mmx75mm plywood cut out of your drawing


  2 coloured pens colours and paper
  some prior experience of the hackspace laser cutter
  a laptop. Please have installed the free programs:


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