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 +====== Plotter Programs ======
 +This page will contain the source-code for the various programs that we run to make interesting output from the plotter. The plotter itself is a Roland DXY-990 flat-bed 8-pen plotter with a maximum paper size of A3. It has both serial (RS-232) and parallel (IEEE 1284) interfaces, but we generally use the parallel one for convenience.
 +Although the plotter will accept up to eight pens, our current software utilises at most four. Most of our plotter programs, in fact, are designed for a single pen. Fine lines are best drawn with the V-ball pens, while thicker lines are made with the Staedtler Tri-Plus pens.
 +Ordinary copier paper is used, in either A4 or A3 size. It is held down on the plotter'​s flat drawing surface by electrostatic attraction. The electrostatic cling is switched on and off by the "paper hold" button on the plotter'​s control panel. Loading and unloading of paper is manual.
 +All the code is written in C apart from '​spiro',​ which is in C++. It runs on Linux, but could probably be ported to other systems without difficulty.
 +  * Spiro - uses four pens to simulate a Spirograph
 +  * Tree - draws a fractal tree recursively
 +  * Dala2 - draws a mandala-like circular pattern
 +  * Op - draws the "​op-art"​ pattern of concentric quadrilaterals
 +  * Hilb - draws the Hilbert curve using four pen colours
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