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-Bristol Hackspace laser cutter  +**These are old versions of the laser cutter user agreement ​linked here for reference / interest.**
-Old versions of the laser cutter user agreement+
-Please create both editable & pdf versions and add links to the table and and put the latest pdf on hte main laser cutter page.+See [[a0_laser_cutter]] for information about our new a0 laser.
 ^Version^pdf^Editable^ ^Version^pdf^Editable^
 |V0.2 draft|-|{{::​draft_user_agreement_2.odt|Draft user agreement V0.2}}| |V0.2 draft|-|{{::​draft_user_agreement_2.odt|Draft user agreement V0.2}}|
 |V1.02|{{:​laser_cutter_user_agreement_v1.0.pdf|}}|{{:​laser_cutter_user_agreement_v1.0.odt|}}| |V1.02|{{:​laser_cutter_user_agreement_v1.0.pdf|}}|{{:​laser_cutter_user_agreement_v1.0.odt|}}|
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