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-=====To Do===== +
-^Job^Detail^Date listed^ +
-|Fix the project box shelf to the wall| Items have fallen from the top shelf when removing project boxes| 2016-05-05|  +
-|Fix the G10 air filter motor| The motor in the suspended air filter has stopped working| 2016-05-05|  +
-|Fix the G10 large Extractor | One motor doesn'​t work and the adaptor for the bandsaw is missing| 2016-05-08| +
-|Fix the Wickes Vacuum cleaner intermittent fault| Sometimes looses power and at other times does not turn on| 2016-05-08|  +
-|Decide how to keep the food prep area clean and do it| {{::​hackspace-food-prep-area-2016-05-07.jpg?​200|}}| 2016-05-08| ​  +
-=====Done===== +
-^Job^Detail^Date listed^Date Done^Done by^+
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