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-eggs+===== Harrison M250 Lathe ===== 
 +=====Commissioning Notes And Reference=====  
 +Delivery Date: 25/​11/​2018\\  
 +[[Snagging_list|Snagging list for the Harrison M250]] 
 +The Harrison M250 lathe (also sold as Colchester Bantam with a different gear change and control lever layout) was designed to appeal to schools, training establishments,​ repair shops and those needing a strong, properly-built but compact lathe for light production work.\\  
 +The M250 is a full-function machine capable of the entire range of turning operations, and through the available range of 
 +accessories its scope and versatility can be increased even further. Quality, reliability and response make it one of the most 
 +outstanding lathes of its kind especially in industry, the toolroom, training and secondary and tertiary education.\\ 
 +  *Easy to understand headstock mounted speed, threading and feed charts\\ 
 +  *Smooth power transmission through a twin vee belt drive and induction hardened and ground headstock gearing\\ 
 +  *Large saddle and slide bearing areas for precision and long life\\ 
 +  *Deep section top slide with dovetail guides and gib strip adjustment\\ 
 +  *The combination box section cast iron bed and rigid steel base provides an incredibly strong structure\\ 
 +  *A huge selection of accessories are available\\ 
 +[[http://​www.lathes.co.uk/​harrison-m/​|Detailed review and discussion of Harrison M series lathes.]] 
 +=====Induction to use the Lathe===== 
 +**Only paid up members of Bristol Hackspace may use the lathe or receive an induction.** \\  
 +If you are interested in becoming inducted please read the Harrison N250 Manual and the induction guidelines (TBA)\\  
 +Link to induction notes, TBA.\\  
 +  *290mm Swing Over Bed\\ 
 +  *180mm Swing Over Cross Slide\\ 
 +  *525mm Between Centers\\ 
 +  *35mm Spindle Bore\\ 
 +  *No. 3 D1 Camlock nose 
 +  *40-2000rpm Spindle Speeds\\ 
 +  *Quick change gear head\\ 
 +  *0.9kW Motor\\ 
 +  *Metric and imperial thread cutting\\ 
 +  *Power feed on main carriage and cross slide\\ 
 +  *5" 3 jaw chuck\\ 
 +  *6" 4 jaw independent chuck\\ 
 +  *6" 4 jaw self aligning chuck\\ 
 +  *Traveling steady\\ 
 +  *Fixed steady\\ 
 +  *Rotating center\\ 
 +  *Keyless chuck\\ 
 +  *Quick change tool post\\ 
 +  *Digital XY readout\\ 
 +=====Tooling Wishlist===== 
 +The lathe is new so we have minimal tooling for it.\\ 
 +This is a wish list of ** ESSENTIAL TOOLING ** to get us going that will eventually become a purchase proposal when the time is right.\\ 
 +  *Vernier calipers\\ 
 +  *HSS blanks\\ 
 +  *Big drill bits\\ 
 +  *Big boring bar\\ 
 +  *Lubricant - all detailed in the manual\\ 
 +  *Centering drill set\\ 
 +  *Carbide tipped tools\\ 
 +  *Carbide tipped boring bar set\\ 
 +  *Swarf brush\\ 
 +  *Swarf bin\\ 
 +Manual and other documents.\\ 
 +{{metal_lathe:​harrison_m250.pdf|PDF of Harrison M250 Manual}}\\  
 +Safety must be adhered to at all times.  
 +===== Maintenance ===== 
 +**Daily maintenance is to be carried out on each occasion the lathe is used.** \\ 
 +**Maintenance other than daily maintenance may only be carried out by personnel in the maintainers list.** \\ 
 +In the event of anything urgent please contact someone from the committee. \\ 
 +In the event of the lathe being unsafe to use clearly mark it explaining why to warn other members and alert the committee on <​committee@bristol.hackspace.org.uk>​\\ 
 +===== Inducted Hackspace members ===== 
 +You may not use the lathe if you have not been inducted and are not on this list. \\ 
 +^ Name ^ Inducted Date ^ Inducted By ^ 
 +|  null  |  20XX-XX-XX ​ |  null  | 
 +===== Authorised Inductors ===== 
 +Persons not on this list may not carry out inductions. Friendly help and helpful advice is encouraged.\\ 
 +Contact for induction via members forum.\\ 
 +^ Name ^ Inducted Date ^ Inducted By ^ 
 +|  null  |  20XX-XX-XX ​ |  null  | 
 +===== Authorised Maintainers ===== 
 +Persons not on this list may not carry out modifications or maintenance not on the daily check list.\\  
 +^ Name ^ Inducted Date ^ Inducted By ^ 
 +|  null  |  20XX-XX-XX ​ |  null  | 
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