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-=====Hackspace Equipment left Switched on When the space is not occupied===== 
-All items not normally turned off when the last person leaves should have: 
-An entry in this table. 
-A Wiki page describing the item linked in the table unless it is an extension lead.  
-An in date Don't Turn Off ( DTO )sticker with an ID that matches the ID in the table. 
-DTO stickers must be checked every 3 months and the leave on requirement reviewed every 3 months when the sticker protection runs out. 
-^Sticker ID^ Equipment ^Plug Location^Review Date^Reason (Brief)^ 
-|1|[[Biohack-Fridge|Biohack Fridge]]|Biohack Corner, End Wall, low level next to fridge|1/​10/​2018|Operational Refridgerator| 
-|2|Biohack Extension Lead to clean cabinet|Biohack Corner, End Wall, low level next to fridge|1/​10/​2018|Powers heated incubator and Time Lapse Camera Box| 
-|3|[[Network-Switch-2|Network Switch on Window Ledge]]|Extension Lead Near Window|1/​10/​2018|Connects Biohack pi to the Network & Internet for Hourly tweets| 
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