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 Essential Essential
 ^Item^supplier^URL^Price inc vat^Delivery^ ^Item^supplier^URL^Price inc vat^Delivery^
-|Tailstock Centre: MT2 carbide tipped dead centre|Arc Eurotrade|[[http://​example.com|External Link]] |£7.87|£0.76| +|Tailstock Centre: MT2 carbide tipped dead centre|Arc Eurotrade|[[http://​www.arceurotrade.co.uk/​Catalogue/​Centres]] |£7.87|£0.76| 
-|Tailstock Centre: MT2 live Centre|Arc Eurotrade| |£16.90|£1.75| +|Tailstock Centre: MT2 live Centre|Arc Eurotrade|[[http://​www.arceurotrade.co.uk/​Catalogue/​Centres]]|£16.90|£1.75| 
-|Tailstock centre: MT2 Carbide Tipped Half Centre|Arc Eurotrade| |£8.63|0.76|+|Tailstock centre: MT2 Carbide Tipped Half Centre|Arc Eurotrade|[[http://​www.arceurotrade.co.uk/​Catalogue/​Centres]] ​|£8.63|0.76|
 |Headstock Centre| | | | | |Headstock Centre| | | | |
 |Tailstock Drill Chuck| | | | | |Tailstock Drill Chuck| | | | |
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 Desirable Desirable
 ^Item^supplier^URL^Price inc vat^Delivery^ ^Item^supplier^URL^Price inc vat^Delivery^
-|Metric 5C Collet Set|Arc Eurotrade|[[[[http://example.com]]|£109.45|Free|+|Metric 5C Collet Set|Arc Eurotrade|[[http://​www.arceurotrade.co.uk/​Catalogue/​Collets/​5C-Collets/​5C-Collets---METRIC]]|£109.45|Free|
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