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   * see through booth   * see through booth
-===== The Finances ​===== +===== Fundraising ​=====
- +
-This section will break down all costings.+
 === Donations === === Donations ===
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 === Fundraising === === Fundraising ===
-Initial goal is to raise funds for a 4foot x 4foot machine.+The current costing guess is £1500I will set up a spreadsheet that will let people say what they'​re willing to donate
-=== Initial Purchase Cost ===+=== Running Costs ===
-To be calculatedThis will come from the BOM (see above) +Machine maintenance will be minimal and time basedThings like motors and bearings wearing out will take too long to realistically include in a budget.
- +
-=== Running Costs ===+
-To be calculated. Anyone who wants to help please insert maintenance parameters here: +This proposal therefore suggests a running cost of £5 an hour to keep it the same as the laser cutter.
-  * Unordered List Item+
 === Induction Fee === === Induction Fee ===
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