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-====== Health and Safety ====== 
-Some notes on the aspects of Health and Safety etc. that apply to the Hackspace/​BOTLab and how we address them. 
-=====Hackspace Rule===== 
-First and foremost look after the safety of both yourself And those around you. Copied from {{:​playground:​bristol_hackspace_manual_2012.pdf|hackspace manual}} 
- ​=====In case of concerns===== 
-If you become aware of an unsafe item or practice please do intervene directly if appropriate. However **DO NOT** put yourself or others in danger in so doing. 
-Should you wish to bring something to the attention of others please use either the members email list [[bristolhackspace@googlegroups.com]] or contact the committee directly [[committee@bristol.hackspace.org.uk]] 
-===== Fire Safety ===== 
-The key document here appears to be [[https://​www.gov.uk/​workplace-fire-safety-your-responsibilities]]. ​ 
-==== Botlab Fire Safety Procedures ==== 
-{{:​botlab:​bristol_hackspace_fire_evacuation_procedure_v0.2_draft.odt|Bristol Hackspace Fire Evacuation Procedure}} 
-{{:​botlab:​bristol_hackspace_location_notice.odt|Bristol Hackspace Location Notice}} 
-=====Hackspace Risk Assessments===== 
-==== Fire Risk Assessments ==== 
-==== G10 Workshop Risk Assessments ==== 
-=====Safety Documentation and links===== 
-====HSE Guides==== 
-{{::​hands:​eh40_1_.pdf|EH40/​2005 Workplace exposure limits}} 
-{{:​hands:​wis31_1_.pdf|WIS31 HSE Woodworking sheet No 31 Safety in the use of narrow band saws }} 
-{{:​hands:​hsg17.pdf|HSG17 Safety in the use of abrasive wheels}} 
-{{:​hands:​sr21_1_.pdf|SR21 Dust From Abrasive Wheels}} 
-{{:​hands:​hsg258.pdf|HSG258 Controlling airborne contaminants at work}} 
-=====Materials COSHH sheets and Hackspace usage===== 
-^Name^COSHH SHEET^Info^ 
-|Agar|{{:​hands:​agar_powder_for_bacteriology_gpc5101.pdf|}}|[[Agar|Agar Hackspace Usage]]| 
-|Citric Acid|{{:​hands:​citric-acid-tech-msds.pdf|}}|[[Citric-Acid-Hackspace-Usage|Citric Acid Hackspace Usage]]| 
-|Ferric Chloride|{{:​hands:​farnell-coshh-sheet-ferric-chloride-521225.pdf|Farnell COSHH Sheet Ferric Chloride}}|[[Ferric-Chloride|Ferric Chloride Hackspace Usage]]| 
-|Sodium Hydroxide|{{:​hands:​avogadro.chem.iastate.edu_msds_naoh.pdf|}}|[[Sodium-Hydroxide-Hackspace-Usage|Sodium Hydroxide Hackspace Usage]]| 
-|White Spirit|{{:​hands:​white-spirit-msds.pdf|White spirit hazard sheet from https://​www-users.cs.york.ac.uk/​~pcc/​coshh/​new/​White-Spirit-MSDS.pdf}}|[[White-Spirit|White Spirit Hackspace Usage]]| 
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