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-====== **Draft** Hackspace rules ====== 
-N.B. As of 10 January 2017 these rules remain in draft form. 
-  - **Do not be on fire!**\\ First and foremost look after the safety of both yourself and those around you. 
-  - **Contribute money monthly**\\ It costs money to run the Hackspace. You may make as little or as much use of the facilities as you wish, but we ask that you contribute an amount that covers the benefit that you get from the space and its resources. Most members contribute between £10 and £20 per month, however if you make extensive use of the space please consider paying more, or if you are an infrequent visitor you may wish to reduce your monthly payments. Only members who pay an identifiable regular contribution will be covered by our insurance policy as it is the only real way we have to track who is a member at any given point. There is an exception for people at public workshops as these are covered in our policy.  ​ 
-  - **Tidyness**\\ Clean up after yourself. We know you're busy but don’t leave a wake of tools, offcuts, dust or cables. The Hackspace has Members, not staff. 
-  - **Donations**\\ Cash is great; but we do accept donations of equipment that are open to members to hack too. We do not however want old discarded TV’s or unreliable equipment that properly should be thrown away. If in doubt - Ask. 
-  - **Identify your stuff**\\ Use the date stamped coloured coded stickers to mark your items or project boxes. Unmarked / overdue items may be disposed of  or marked **FOR HACKING** at the quarterly tidying up weekends. 
-  - **DO NOT HACK**\\ Means DO NOT HACK! There are things which you are open to hack in the space. These are marked. Equally there are things which MUST NOT be hacked. It should be obvious which category something is in. If not, ask that it be clearly labelled. 
-  - **Knowledge & Skill**\\ Ensure you have the knowledge & skills appropriate to the equipment you use. 
-  - **Hours of Use**\\ The Hackspace does NOT provide overnight accommodation. 
-Other areas to clarify: 
-  * Booking space/​equipment 
-  * Contributing time 
-  * Under 18s 
-  * Behaviour 
-  * Cannot use space as a registered office address 
-  * General principles: be safe, community, shared resources, take responsibility,​ be considerate 
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