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 +====== Bristol HackKids ======
 +<box 40% right red| **Getting Involved** >
 +  * **[[http://​hackkids.org/​ | Go to the main HackKids website]]**
 +  * [[how_to_get_into_the_physical_hackspace#​Finding the hackspace | Come along ]] on the last Sunday of every month
 +  * [[http://​twitter.com/​bristolhackkids | Follow us on Twitter]]
 +[[http://​hackkids.org/​|HackKids]] is a place for kids of all ages to come and have fun with science and technology in a safe and informal environment. ​ We meet on the last Sunday of the month at 14:00 until 16:00 and it's all free.
 +Although we welcome kids of any age, we do ask that parents remain with primary age kids and below.
 +==== Rules of HackKids ===
 +  - Don't touch anything you shouldn'​t
 +  - Tidy up afterwards
 +  - Tell all your friends about HackKids
 +  - Be safe
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