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Location: electronics test bench and shelves, but if members forget to put them back after using them, they might be anywhere.

Farnell L30AT Rapid PS3025 Farnell ET30/2 Farnell PDD3502A Isotech IPS1125 Farnell TOPS2
Specification variable 0-50V, variable current limit 0-500mA variable 0-30V, variable current limit 0-2.5A variable 0-15V/2A or 0-30V/1A, fixed current limit variable 0-35V, variable current limit 0-2A variable 0-20V 0-250mA, fixed 5V 1A variable 4-6V 5A, variable 12-17V 1A
dual independent PSUs fixed 12V & 5V, 500mA dual independent PSUs dual independent and tracking PSUs triple independent PSUs single plus dual tracking PSUs
Condition Old but usable Excellent Old but usable Modern, high quality Modern basic Old basic, untested but good provenance
volts controls scratchy <2V Caution w.r.t. the current limits fixed at ~10% above the rated current Can connect PSUs in series and parallel Caution w.r.t. the fixed current limitCaution w.r.t. unknown current limits; might be via fuses!
current limit controls scratchy Ideal for logic plus analogue Ideal for logic plus analogue
both satisfactory once settled

There are many many PSU bricks that can be hacked, located on the shelves near the glass door.

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