Original Prusa MK3

Induction Required

This equipment requires an induction prior to use. For your own safety and to avoid damage to the equipment do not attempt to use it until you have been inducted. Inductions should be requested on the Google Group.

The Hackspace bought an Original Prusa i3 MK3 in January 2019. It replaced the old RepRap Prusa Mendel that was donated to the Hackspace in 2012.

In February 2019 a hardened steel nozzle was fitted to allow a broader range of materials to be printed. In April 2019 the MK3S upgrade kit arrived and was installed.

Read this induction manual before attending an induction. It includes most of what you need to know to use the printer.

In addition to the Induction manual linked above, you may want to read Prusa's 3D Printing Handbook. The most relevant sections are:

  • 3.3 Safety instructions
  • 6.3.2 Flexible steel sheet surface preparation (you can skip Double-sided textured PEI powder-coated spring steel sheet)
  • 6.3.3 Increasing the adhesion
  • 6.3.8 Loading the filament into the extruder
  • 6.3.9 First layer calibration & 6.3.10 Fine tuning the first layer (for information only, you will likely not need to use these functions)
  • All of Sections 7 Printing, 10 Printing your own models, 11 Materials, 12 FAQ - Printer maintenance and print issues and 14 FAQ - Error messages

Nick G
Sam C

1.75 mm filament only. 2.85/3 mm filament won't fit!

Banned Filaments

Do not use any filament that requires a nozzle temperature above 285 C.

Sourcing Filament

Pretty much any filament not in the Banned Filaments section is suitable for use with the Prusa MK3, some suppliers are listed here: Sources of Materials and Services.


There is a computer at the Hackspace with PrusaSlicer and an SD card reader. However, you may find it is more time-efficient to slice files on your own computer. Download the latest version of PrusaSlicer here. Make sure you select the options for Original Prusa MK3S with a 0.4mm nozzle when you install and start up the software for the first time.

Only use the default Printer Settings in PrusaSlicer. You are welcome to tweak Filament Settings and it is in your best interests to change Print Settings for every print. If you save your settings on the Hackspace computer, put your initials at the beginning, e.g. “NG 0.3mm Layers Super Quick”.

Control Software

It is strongly recommended that you print from an SD card using the LCD interface. However if you need to use Pronterface, only use the version of Pronterface on the Hackspace computer or downloaded from the link above.

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