Induction Required

This equipment requires an induction prior to use. For your own safety and to avoid damage to the equipment do not attempt to use it until you have been inducted.


If you feel capable of doing a job, please do! but please check to see if anyone has started the job already


Ryan D Hale

Alex Rowe

Simon Bird

Richard Sewell

Felix Howitt

Mark E Pitt

Part Details:

Job Person Responsible Status Next Step Date Updated
Replace and refit spindle cable Alex Rowe Refitted cable (standard mains flex) such that strain relief is engaged. Discovered that shielded cable is required Order shielded cable 17/05/2019
Order and Replace broken Spindle Cooling Hose BarbRyan CompleteFit when it arrives 14/05/2019
Add mounting plate in rear of the cabinet to mount all of the electronicsRyan complete add conduit 16/05/2019
Add conduit for all wires x not started start job 17/05/2019
Create wiring diagram Simon Bird? ? ? 17/05/2019
Replace wiring loom x not started start job 17/05/2019
Mount spindle holder Alex Rowe temporary mount created create permanent mount (when CNC operational) 17/05/2019
Choose step-generating hardware and software x discussions have begun on the forum Create an executive summary of options, set date for discussion and decision 17/05/2019
Purchase step-generating hardware x waiting for decision wait for decision 17/05/2019
Install step-generating HW, wire to stepper drivers x waiting on purchase of hardware wait for hardware 17/05/2019
Set up a PC to run the machine x not started start job 17/05/2019
Choose CAM software & install it (Hackspace has a Cambam license, which is what Richard favours) x not started Create an executive summary of options, set date for discussion and decision 17/05/2019
Specify and purchase a new cooling solution Felix Howitt Water tub and pond pump cooling not safe for long term use in G10. Suggest we get a CW-3000 self contained chiller (smaller model of laser chiller) for ~£104 from eBay. Awaiting input/agreement before purchase. Route coolant tubes once electronics placement is finalized, cooling fan for electronics cabinet, investigate compatibility with no flow alarm output from chiller. 18/05/2019
Research and order LED strip of Cabinet Lighting Mark E Pitt Will bring 5v LED strip to test in cabinet start job 26/07/2019
Measure mm/rev of axis Mark E Pitt Will put dial indicator on axis and turn stepper one rev Done 02/08/2019
Replace plexi window for Cabinet Lighting x not started start job 21/05/2019
x x not started start job 17/05/2019

Spindle / Spindle Mount / Inverter / Cooling Pump:

Manufacturers Website

ICP 4030 CNC Manual

We appear to have these Stepper Drivers:

DM556T Stepper Driver Manual

This is the operating manual: ICP4030 Operating Manual

And this 5 Axis breakout Board:

5 Axis Breakout Board

Supporting Files

There is also an Arduino Nano controller with GRBL firmware in the cabinet:

Stepper motor information:

  • Holding torque: 1.13nm
  • Voltage per phase: 4.2a
  • Step angle: 1.8° (200 steps per revolution)
  • Angle error: ± 5
  • Connection lines: 8

steps_per_mm = (steps_per_revolution*microsteps)/mm_per_rev

The CNC Mill is currently being commissioned

So we officially started up the comissioning of the CNC Mill on Tursday 8th May. First job was to see what components we have and what the current state of the mill was.

The overall state of the Mill was messy with the current components and accessories all stored in the main compartment. We cleared this all out, and gave the mill a thorough clean.

Next we took a look at the electrics in the back.

These were in a right mess with unshielded wires, and some dodgy epoxied sections for the coolant. The decision was quickly made to strip everything out and start again. Drew logged the wiring locations and traces and then we removed the components.

The team decided to make things cleaner and easier to maintain, to mount all of the electronic components on a board which could be hung on the back wall of the cabinet.

Ryan made the mounting board and the components were laid out and fitted. The board then got mounted to the cabinet for wiring.

Simon has kindly offered to take the lead on the wiring so, we will update as progress is made.

UPDATE 01/08/2019: X axis movement!

UPDATE 29/08/2019: First cuts into wood using CNC!

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