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 +====== Infrastructure is for Everybody! ======
 +As network infrastructures becomes increasingly integral to the day-to-day operations of modern life, education about and critical literacy with these infrastructures becomes more and more important. This talk will detail some of the challenges of placing infrastructure into a larger "​digital literacy"​ narrative, the importance of the infrastructural perspective in computing and network education, and Ingrid'​s own experiments and approaches to infrastructural pedagogy.
 +Ingrid Burrington is an artist and writer based on a small island off the coast of America. She is the author of Networks of New York: An Illustrated Field Guide to Urban Internet Infrastructure (Melville House, 2016) and her writing appears in e-flux Journal, The Atlantic, The Nation, and elsewhere.
 +A Dorkbot takeover by PM Studio/​University of Bristol/​Bristol is Open.  Tuesday 21st February 2017 - early 7.00pm start in the [[http://​www.watershed.co.uk/​pmstudio/​welcome-pervasive-media-studio|Pervasive Media Studio]] in the Watershed.
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