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 +====== Dorkbot - Brain Scanning and Chocolate - 15th December ======
 +Understory ([[https://​twitter.com/​understory_food|@understory_food]])
 +is a start up exploring flavour, through science and art, that
 +creates storytelling chocolate products. We work with the University of
 +West of England and the University of Bristol, using EEG brain scanners,
 +dining consoles and, of course, chocolate.
 +James Wheale will be talking at Dorkbot on
 +the lessons we have learnt working with technologists,​ talking through some
 +of upcoming ideas for your interrogation and comment, and playing with a
 +few bits of our equipment.
 +Tuesday 15th December 2015, 7.30pm for 8pm start in the [[http://​www.watershed.co.uk/​pmstudio/​welcome-pervasive-media-studio|Pervasive Media Studio]] in the Watershed.
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