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 +Since this has attracted so much amusement, I thought I ought to add a page about it...
 +The basic idea is to use Lego hardware (specifically including the Mindstorms NXT motors, which are a combination motor/​geatbox/​quadrature encoder) to build a 3d printer. Because I'm also interested in baking, and because I don't *think* it's been tried yet, I thought the substrate to use would be cake mixture: by printing in either vanilla or chocolate cake mix you would end up with a cake with an arbitrary "black and white" image on a cross-section,​ or by using 3 extruders with C, M and Y cake mix you could get fully voxel-addressable colour...
 +However, the Lego Mindstorms NXT control brick can only control 3 motors, whereas you'd need at least 5 to do anything interesting. Therefore, my intention is to build the necessary hardware (H bridges) and write/steal the necessary software (probably using Grbl) to drive the resulting CNC machine with an Arduino; I can then use a standard G-code toolchain to turn my designs into cakes. At least, that's the glorious theory...
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