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-====== CNC Router Manual ====== 
-[[CNC Router]] 
-[[cnc_router_training|CNC Router Induction]] 
-==== Reminder Check List ==== 
-**Turning the Computer On** 
-The computer is a bit buggered so follow these steps to get to Ubuntu: 
-  - Turn on the plug at the wall. 
-  - Unplug the PC tower. 
-  - Turn the PC tower on (this will drain capacitors apparently). 
-  - Plug the PC tower in. 
-  - Turn on the PC. 
-  - Press F1 repeatedly until the machine runs Ubuntu. 
-**Logging In** 
-Login to Nic. Password will be given to you during induction. 
-If you become a regular user and want your own login Matt will create another user account for you. 
-**Making a Design** 
-Use Inkscape to make your design on the CNC computer. ​ 
-Inkscape is a bit rubbish so you may want to use your own design software your comfortable with. Anything that saves files in vector format should be acceptable (i.e. dxf, svg, ai) 
-If you do create your own vector file outside of inkscape follow these instructions:​ 
-  - Transfer your file to the CNC computer 
-  - Open your file in Inkscape. If this fails you will need to save in another vector file format from your computer or use another design programme. 
-  - From Inkscape save your file as an inkscape svg file. 
-  - you now have a safely compatible file 
-**Correctly positioning design** 
-Make sure your design is placed roughly in the bottom left corner of the inkscape page. It should be about 15mm away from boundary lines. Resave your work in inkscape svg 
-**Make a GCode** 
-Use PyCam to make a gcode. The induction will take you through this program step by step. 
-**Run the GCode** 
-  - Make sure the parallel switch is turned to A 
-  - Check the machine emergency button is twisted out 
-  - Open "emc2 Router A" icon on Nics user account 
-  - In emc2 open your gcode file 
-**Running the Router** 
-  - Click the On button in the top left of emc2. You can now control the router manually. 
-  - Use pg up to set the router to a high z position 
-  - home all axis 
-  - Put your correctly sized collet and router bit in 
-  - Check Henry Hoover isn't full. 
-  - Scrape the Router bed flat and hoover up any dust 
-  - Double sided tape your material down. Press down firmly 
-  - check material is big enough for design 
-  - Touch off z axis 
-  - Check the power switch on the Router itself is on 
-  - Click the Play button 
-  - Witness your creation with maniacal glee! 
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