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-====== CANON LBP 5050 Colour Laser Printer ====== 
-Prints Colour A4 paper. 
-Connected to the G11 [[hackspace_wired_lan_and_router|Hard Wired LAN]] 
-Has a USB connection. 
-To connect wirelessly: 
-  * Windows 7 or 10: 
-    * check connection by putting into a browser url: http://​​631/​printers/​HackSpace_Canon_LBP5050 
-    * open add devices and printers 
-    * click add a printer 
-    * add a network, wireless or bluetooth printer 
-    * click the printer i want isnt listed 
-    * under select shared printer by name type: http://​​631/​printers/​HackSpace_Canon_LBP5050 
-    * BAM! printer added. 
-    * if you have a problem try typing into the start menu "​services"​ and click on services 
-    * go to "print spooler"​. right clik it and select stop. then right click and select start. 
-    * try adding the printer again now. 
-    * You will also need to ensure that the "​Internet Printing Client"​ enabled, more details here: https://​zedt.eu/​tech/​windows/​installing-an-ipp-printer-in-windows-10/​ 
-This printer has windows drivers available [and MAC] however the linux drivers available as a package (RPM/DEB) are broken, and the source compilation does not work.  [having lost three hours of my life to trying to make them work.....] 
-To use - Either plug in the USB connection, or connect to the Wired LAN so you can network to it. 
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