Places and equipment to point out


  • Chill out/gaming area, museum shelves, plotter
  • Electronics area
  • 3D printer (induction), engraver, large-format printers
  • General work area (tables)
  • Kitchen & sink (dirty)
  • Biohack corner
  • Members’ project boxes
  • Donated Hackables shelves
  • Hackspace equipment shelves


  • Nic Marshall’s space – Do Not Enter!
  • PPE shelf
  • Metal lathe (induction)
  • CNC mill (induction)
  • Work benches, storage
  • Scroll saw (in cupboard)
  • Wood lathe (induction)
  • Pillar drill
  • Bench grinder (induction)
  • Band saw (induction)
  • Materials storage
  • Laser cutter (induction, usage costs)

Important information to explain

  • Nic Marshall’s half of G10 and the equipment in it is not to be used by hackspace members.
  • How to sign up for membership:
    • Enter details on the form on website
    • An automated email with bank details will be sent
    • Set up a standing order
    • Email committee to tell them standing order is set up
  • Key cards and keys are managed by the building owner, the form to request them is on the website. All members must have their own key card and key.
  • Before you get your key card and key, you can use the space whenever another member can open and lock up; try the Google Group, Thursday evenings or just risk turning up.
  • Bristol Hackspace is 100% run by volunteer members.
  • The Google group is our main means of communication between our members.
  • Some consumables are provided by the hackspace, but we rely on members to replenish these (and claim back the money from the treasurer).
  • We have two benches in G11 so we can hold events and have space for members to work. We do not allow any part of the hackspace to be booked exclusively.
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