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  • Small

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Current Status:

Approved - Awaiting Purchase


Alex Rowe


The jointer, table saw, and table router that I donated require 110v power. This proposal is for a transformer, splitter, and extensions, so we can get these tools working

the table saw will be left in a non functional state until a risk assessment and induction have been prepared

Proposed Purchase:

Proposed Installation:

I propose a two outlet transformer placed on the floor by the pillar drill. From this, one cable will run along the wall to the jointer (next to the bandsaw). Another cable will run up the wall and along the wooden beam and down the chain. It will connect to the input of the splitter near the router, so that the cable isn't in the way of the outfeed of the table saw. The splitter will provide power to the table saw and router under the bench.



Funding source/model:

  • full funded by Hackspace

Resources depended upon:

The hackspace wiki


the wooden ceiling beam


Committee Sanity Check:

  • A majority committee vote is needed for all proposals:
  1. Matt G
  2. Felix H
  3. Nick G

Supporting Members:

delete as appropriate

  • A small proposal needs 5 member votes:
  1. Alex Rowe
  2. Ryan H
  3. Dave K
  4. Fraser
  5. Mark P

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