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  • Medium

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Awaiting Delivery


Felix H


In light of the repeated reports of the laser being inconsistent on power and not firing below 35-40 power making it unsuitable for engraving or detailed work, I've contacted Smoke and Mirrors (the successor to Just Add Sharks) to quote for a replacement tube. By chance they are passing Bristol tomorrow (29th) so we have the opportunity to get this without the normal several hundred pound white glove delivery (they don't ship these due to how delicate they are). I'll take this down and put it on the agenda for the members meeting if this isn't supported in time.

Proposed Purchase:

Laser tube (same as current model) from Smoke and Mirrors. £600 inc. VAT.

Proposed Installation:

To replace existing tube as is. Dom from S&M, Felix.



Funding source/model:

  • full funded by Hackspace


Committee Sanity Check:

  1. Felix H
  2. Ryan H
  3. Matt G

Supporting Members:

  1. Sam C
  2. Jon D
  3. Russel D
  4. Fraser H
  5. Vikki H
  6. Alex R
  7. John M
  8. Jonathan T
  9. Emily K
  10. Ross M

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