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  • Small

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Libby Miller


One year of scrapstore membership. We've been members before and it's a handy place to pick up materials for making. More details are here:

I can fill in the form and sort it out.

You get a card and then you can go and pick up scrap very cheaply (e.g. cardboard, material offcuts, all sorts of other things)

Proposed Purchase:

I can pop down to the scrapstore and sort it out, and put the card in the hackspace.

Proposed Installation:




Funding source/model:

delete as appropriate

  • full funded by Hackspace

Resources depended upon:

The hackspace wiki


Committee Sanity Check:

  • 2 committee vote is needed for all proposals:
  1. Russ C
  2. Matt

Supporting Members:

  • A small proposal needs 2 member votes:
  1. Billy-George Price-Sprackland
  2. Richard
  3. Richard Lawrence
  4. Fraser
  5. Vickki
  6. Ross
  7. Anne Deeming
  8. Ryan

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