Proposal Type:

  • Small

Submission Date:


Current Status:

Awaiting Approval


Mark E Pitt


A spot welder for soldering nickel tabs to batteries would be a good addition to Hackspace Bristol.

Several members have expressed interest in soldering batteries both in face to face discussions and on the Google group:!topic/bristolhackspace/XH6eDMx6_U0

Presently there is no safe way to solder batteries in Hackspace using the current soldering equipment, a spot welder is specifically designed for this process. The machine can also be used safely for other resistance soldering tasks such as jewelry and other small scale work.

Proposed Purchase:

Proposed Installation:

The machine is powered by a 230v UK plug, it would be best placed in the soldering area in G11.


£159.86 (including pen)

Funding source/model:

  • fully funded by Hackspace

Resources depended upon:

The Hackspace wiki

A safety induction


Committee Sanity Check:

  1. Felix H
  2. Nick G
  3. Ryan H

Supporting Members:

  • A small proposal needs 5 member votes:


  1. Mark E Pitt
  2. Jonathan Alston
  3. Sam Castillo
  4. Ross Mowatt
  5. Jonathan

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