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Building and building management

Currently, the Hackspace's physical space is in BV Studios. We rent a large fraction of unit G11 and about half of unit G10. Most of the rest of the units in the building are occupied by artists of different types.

The building is let to us by Ladcrown Properties, run by the building manager, Robert. We are required to seek his permission before making any major modifications to the space. List of contractors approved by Robert

Rent payments

We actually rent 4 separate subdivisions of G11:

  • The main space near the street door up to the line in the concrete floor - 350.5 sq.ft., rent £155.39/month
  • The smaller space next to it (historically known as “the architects' space”) - 165.5 sq.ft. plus 28sq.ft. communal space, rent £73.31/month. A 12-month contract starting on 1 June 2012 was signed in September 2012.
  • The space to the left of the architects' space as you come in through the street door (“Jenny's space”, 195sq.ft.) and the space at the far end of G11 with the sink in it (“Poppy's space”, 153.3sq.ft.). Taking on these two spaces also added another 84 sq.ft. of communal space. Total rent for these two is £181.34. Renting these spaces was agreed with Penny 20/3/2013 and we actually moved in 14/4/2013.

There is now only one other tenant in G11, Gareth. On 22/3/2014 we resolved to take on Gareth's space for £45/month. However, on 9/8/2014 Gareth informed the space indirectly that he would prefer to stay in G11 (through becoming a member of the Hackspace, with his membership payment covering the rent on his space) and on 29/9/2014 emailed to confirm this, but has not as yet started paying his rent to the Hackspace.

We also have some space in unit G10 across the corridor from G11, which we use for messy tools (a bandsaw and a wood lathe currently):

  • On 30/11/2012 we took on a small slice (approx 4x2m) as a sublet from the unit renter, Matt Cox, for £28/month or £336/year. On 30/4/2013 Matt moved out and we took on the whole of the space, for a sum of £57/month or £684/year. Electricity for this space costs £8/month.
  • On 22/03/2014 we took on “Liam's space” for £57/month. Electricity for this space also costs £8/month.
  • On 11/9/2014 we decided to take on “Amy's space” in G10 for £57/month from 13/9/2014 (plus an extra £8/month for electricity).

The total rent we pay to BV Studios is therefore currently £581/month or £6972/year.

The space in G11 (and G10?) is rented out for £5 per sq ft per year. There is also a charge of £3/month for wifi (per space?) included in the amounts above.

Contracts notwithstanding, space in the building is in high demand so we believe we should be able to move out at an arbitrary time without too much trouble.

Finally, on 5/8/2014 we agreed to pay £2.50/month towards rent for a communal space in BV Studios. However, on 18/11/2014 Penny told us that this had in fact been disallowed by the building owner after only 1 month; we ended up paying £5 in total towards this.

Business rates


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