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BOTLab AGM and members' meeting 28 March 2017

Date/time and location: 7pm, 28 March 2017 at the Hackspace

  • AGM
    • Vote on proposed system for election of new committee members - see this page
    • Presentation of annual accounts for members' approval - draft accounts here
    • Committee report on previous year and objectives for next year
    • Appointment of new committee members
  • Food!
  • Members' meeting
    • What to do about the Hardinge lathe?
    • How to encourage involvement in inductions/maintenance for Hackspace tools?
    • Incident log for accidents and near misses

Toby Se, Tarim, John W, Pam D, Russell D, John D, Richard L, Arthur A, Russ C, Nic M, David W

Apologies: Nick G, David H

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