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-There are several bins -  
-In G11: 
-  * Recycling - round red plastic bin by the back door 
-  * Landfill - 2 x Black bins one by the back door, other by the sink 
-  * Metal recycling - big blue labelled box under the desk on the right by the back door. 
-  * Electric waste - there are fresh, recent, and stale bins for donations - green plastic crates on the left side of the back door. 
-In G10: 
-  * Landfill - tall black bin 
-  * others? 
-== Recycling == 
-When the red bin is full, take it to the BV Studios bins, which are by the main BV entrance down the corridor near the toilets. 
-BV recycling take: 
-  * Cardboard 
-  * Paper 
-  * Cans (aluminium or tin cans) 
-  * Plastics 
-  * Plastic food containers as long as they are washed 
-No glass, no polystyrene,​ no wood, no general waste, nothing wet: dry and clean materials only. Glass goes into Landfill bin. 
-== Landfill == 
-  * General waste is put in the same place as the recycling, different bin (BV Studios bins, which are by the main BV entrance down the corridor near the toilets) 
-  * Glass should be put in landfill, or taken home - there'​s no glass recycling at BV Studios 
-  * The landfill bin in G11 should be emptied at the end of Thursday evening. 
-  * No Wood 
-{{:​binmap.jpg?​300|Map of where the BV Studios bins are}} 
-{{:​binstore1.JPG?​200|Picture of the BV studios bin store}} 
-{{:​binstore2.JPG?​200|Picture of the BV studios bin store}} 
-== Metal recycling == 
-  * The scrap metal man (phone by the back door) needs to be called once per month. 
-== Electrical waste == 
-  * Fresh, recent, and stale bins for donations - everything can be hacked on and everything gets moved on after a week to the next level. 
-  * Electrical waste in "​stale"​ needs to be taken to the municipal tip once per month - please volunteer. ​ 
-  * Sawdust can go in the BV Sudios landfil bin. 
-  * The BV Studios general waste can not take solid wood. There may be a container for members with wood burning stoves but it must be taken to the tip if this is not available or full. 
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