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 +Dear participant,​
 +thanks again for joining us!
 +To help us get started quickly, please install the arduino IDE on your computer (http://​arduino.cc/​en/​Guide/​HomePage)
 +We start at 10am on Saturday.
 +You are heading to http://​www.pmstudio.co.uk/​about-pervasive-media-studio.
 +If you have any problems getting in or finding us, please call Matt on xxxxxx
 +There are bike racks outside and bus stops near by. If you come by car then there are some local car parks: Millenium Car Park. the NCP and the Trenchard Street multistorey is not too long a walk, and is cheaper.
 +You can bring lunch with you, or there are local places to eat in or take out.
 +You may find it useful to have an old-fashioned notebook and pen with you to jot down notes for your own reference.
 +Finally, we want to spend Sunday helping you to build your own projects; so have a think about what you might like to do. Lots of inspiration here:
 +Bristol Hackspace
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