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 +As anyone who has been within earshot of me lately has probably noticed, I've moved house.
 +And it's perhaps no coincidence that this has happened around the time that the Raspberry Pi has finally come on sale.
 +And the third leg of this unholy tripod is that I've built my own backup/​archival system based on content-address storage, which I am building a "​replicated backend"​ for, meaning that it can spread my backups over a pool of storage servers, with replication and distribution of data.
 +So the plan is this: I want to build a few nodes, dotted around my house. Each node will contain a Raspberry Pi, an external USB hard disk, and a small amp and speakers, all hooked up to the house Ethernet.
 +This will provide a physically distributed backup system (at least one of them will be in an outbuilding),​ as well as a system that can stream music to the rooms in the house. But I want a little more than most music streaming daemons... I'd also like each node to have the ability to fade the music down, pause it, text-to-speech a message, then fade the music back.
 +Because we don't currently have a doorbell, and my wife's studio in the attic is somewhat out of earshot of the front door, not to mention my workshop at the far end of the garden...
 +This is a low-priority project, but one I'll slowly progress as I get time.
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