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 +There is a company lurking behind Hackspace called **Bristol Open Technology Lab** and it is a company limited by guarantee (no 07071572), known fondly to many as **BotLab**.
 +The company was set up in 2009 by our late friend Peter Ferne as a formal vehicle to allow both the Hackspace and other projects to operate formally, in terms of renting spaces, buying equipment and acquiring funding. ​ Pete himself and Mike Harris, who at the time was still involved in Dorkbot Bristol were the initial directors.
 +Since Pete's untimely death in 2010, Mike has acted as a caretaker director of BotLab and the one legally responsible for preparing the accounts, paying the rent and sending the forms to Companies House.  ​
 +Now, over two years from it's formation, it's time to move things on, and to do this  David H, Tarim and Mike are proposing that we legally turn BotLab into a co-operative entity with members and a management committee.  ​
 +Note that **membership of Hackspace is not the same as membership of BotLab**. ​ Membership of the co-operative means you have a say in how it and the Hackspace are run.  Therefore everyone involved to become a member of the co-operative. ​ **There is a nominal one pound one-off membership fee for joining Botlab**, which also amounts to your legal financial liability.  ​
 +In order to do this, we need to call a meeting to adopt a new constitution,​ sign everyone up as members, and then elect the Directors, who will act as the board of the co-operative for a year; and the roles of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
 +We are having a meeting at **7PM ON THURSDAY 16TH FEBRUARY 2012** and everyone involved is kindly requested that they attend. ​  The objectives of the meeting will be to:
 +  * Run through what BotLab is and how it relates to Hackspace. ​   ​
 +  * Adopt the new constitution.
 +  * Get everyone signed up as members.
 +  * Review our financial position.
 +  * Elect new directors and the roles of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
 +  * Drink a BotLab beer with fellow Botlabbers/​Hackspacers.
 +The meeting will legally be two meetings in one, back-to-back:​
 +  *     An **extraordinary general meeting** to adopt the new constitution,​ followed by
 +  *     An **annual general meeting** to appoint the various roles and approve the accounts.
 +The following are the documents relating to the meetings:
 +  *     ​{{:​botlab-notice-of-extraordinary-general-meeting-2012-02-16.pdf|The notification of the EGM.}} (legal stuff)
 +  *     ​{{:​botlab-notice-of-annual-general-meeting-2012-02-16.pdf|The notification of the AGM.}} (legal stuff)
 +  *     ​{{:​botlab-special-resolution-2012-02-16.pdf|A copy of the special resolution to adopt the new constitution at the EGM.}} (legal stuff)
 +  *     ​{{:​botlab_draft_new_constitution.pdf|A copy of the draft new constitution}} (READ if you can so you know what you'll be adopting).
 +  *     ​{{:​botlab-details-of-new-coop-structure.pdf|A copy of a short-form details of new co-op structure}} (**READ THIS as well as or instead of 4**).
 +  *     ​{{:​botlab-membership-application-form.pdf|A membership application form}} (**FILL THIS IN and bring a copy with you on the night along with a ONE POUND membership fee**).
 + --- //​[[mike@mbharris.co.uk|Mike Harris]] 2012/01/15 18:54//
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