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 +From Jon at leeds hackspace
 +  * Stay on top of all the boring bureaucratic stuff. ​
 +  * Ensure whatever you go for you can afford (if you have a firm commitment to membership and some savings that will cover you for 12 months then you're you should be ok).
 +  * Don't go for somewhere out of the way - a nice central easily accessible space will pay dividends in new members. ​
 +  * If you can get somewhere small with current membership and there'​s room to expand if membership explodes then that will be a major plus - moving SUCKS. ​
 +From Paul at leeds hackspace
 +  * Make sure anyone you need to communicate with had your new address. ​
 +  * Remember to cancel the phone/​electricty/​milk,​ etc. Otherwise six months later you discover thet you're saddled with a large unpaid bill for a service you haven'​t been using, and didn't know about because the bills were sent to someone who no longer comes to the hackspace. ​
 +  * Many of our problems may have been exacerbated because we didn't just move spaces, we pretty much rebuilt the whole organisation. ​
 +From Russ at London hackspace
 +  * London managed to get a 300% bump in membership revenue in 4 months which covered significant rent increase
 +  * What you need to try and fathom how many more potential members there  might be, and if there are, why they haven'​t already joined.
 +  * Try and work out how to spread the word further than the current community. Have a big moving-in party. ​
 +To contact
 +  * nottingham
 +  * brighton
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