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Bristol Hackspace A0 Laser Cutter

Bristol Hackspace is privileged to have access to an enormous A0 (84 x 118cm) sized machine.
The laser cutter is a fantastic tool that allows you to produce complex shapes from designs made on the computer. Its great for a quick production of 2d designs and is one of the easier rapid prototyping machines to understand.


Suppliers Information

User Manual These are for the A1 Blacknose but the A0 Silvertail installation is the same.

Dimension for Just Add Sharks Laser Cutters

Controller manual

LaserCut 5.3 software

JAS Information

Software You can use the demo version without a dongle see instructions in the JAS docs

If you have trouble with opening the software in Demo mode on your home PC you may need to edit the syscfg.ini file manually to get it to work. Please consult the thread in the google group Lasercut 5.3 on Mac for further details on how to do this.

Bristol Hackspace Documents

Usage Charge

£5.00 per hour pro rata (0.0833 per minute ) for laser cutting time.

Permitted Materials








Arthur Amarra

Lee Wiltshire

Nic Marshall

Joachim Egger

John Davis

John Willis

Ross Mowat

Toby Seely

Russel Couper


Adam Armfield

Arthur Amarra

Joachim Egger

John Davis

John Myers

Jon Dowling

Matt Glasspole

Nic Marshall

Ross Mowat

Toby Seely


See the user manual for details

Snag List


Weekly Maintenance operations

Inspect the mirrors and lenses for dirt

Remove the bed and clean it

Oil the linear bearings

Check the cooling system: Water level, Hoses, Pump Filter, Bubbles in the laser tube

Monthly Maintenance Operations

Clean the mirrors and lenses

Check the alignment

Check for dirt build up in the extraction system

Check bed is level


The laser tube power output will deteriorate with use and need replacing when this falls below acceptable performance.

10/04/2018 Laser tube tested with calorimeter. Tube Power 77 Watts.

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