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-Ginjaian is 3D-printing parts for a small lathe. Alaric'​s offered to pay him for plastic to finish it off so he can build it as it looks fun. This has started to grow into a group project to have a small lathe in the space. 
-Matthew Venn has a Proper Metal Lathe that can be borrowed for a small fee, but there'​s still a benefit to this little one: 
-  * It'll be fine for simple tasks. 
-  * If we break it, we can print new parts (let's be honest, it's the plastic bits that will break) rather than having a huge repair bill. 
-  * It'll be owned by the group so we can extend it crazily until it's CNC controlled, sentient, and able to reproduce itself. 
-  * It'll be fun. 
-=== Details === 
- / [[http://​www.thingiverse.com/​thing:​9242]] 
-=== Contributers So Far === 
-  * Ginjaian for use of his 3D printer and his time and maybe some other bits (was a threaded rod or two mentioned?) 
-  * Alaric has pledged £30 for the plastic, and some time to put it together and play with it, and will obtain some parts as required. 
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