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9 year old says first Shonkbot workshop ‘Epic’

Thanks to an amazing team effort from Richard S, Libby, Barney and Zak (am I missing anyone else?), the Shonkbot (our attempt at a cheap and easy to make robot) has developed into a great workshop. The team got a chance to test the robot out with children aged between 8 and 13 at DigiMakers this weekend.

Participants worked with cheap and widely available parts:

IMG_7131Followed some (still improving) instructions:


And used plenty of hot glue to create their Shonkbots:


At the end of the workshop, all participants had successfully created their robots. Some had added the more advanced obstacle avoidance components.

Even though the kits ended up at £15 (our original target was £5),  all of them were bought to be taken home and reprogrammed!

Check the rest of the photos here and here.  Instructions and code are on the github.

Great work team Shonkbot!


Mitch Altman Workshop 2013

Mitch Altman is coming back to Bristol!

Mitch Altman is a co-founder of the Noisebridge Hackerspace in San Francisco and is a major figure in the global Maker movement. He’s also the inventor of such excellent gadgets as the TV-B-Gone and Trip Glasses. He and Jimmie Rodgers (inventor of the Lots-of-LEDs Arduino shield among other kits) are in the UK for the Maker Faire in Newcastle on 27th and 28th April, after which they’re touring a few Hackspaces, including ours!

Mitch and Jimmie will be running a public workshop at Bristol Hackspace on Saturday 11th May at 12pm.

Mitch and JimmieThe workshop will be open to people of all abilities and ages (children to be accompanied by an adult please) and will involve soldering together their kits. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to solder, Mitch, Jimmie and members of Bristol Hackspace will be on hand to show you how.

The workshop will cost £10 for Hackspace members and £20 for non-members, and will last about three hours. You will probably also want to buy a kit or two.

Buy your tickets here:

The kits that will be available on the day are:

TV-B-Gone keychain £15 Turn off TVs in public places!
TV-B-Gone kit £15 Turn off TVs in public places at 50 meters away!
TV-B-Gone Pro £20 Turn off TVs in public places at 100 meters away!
Brain Machine kit £15 Meditate, Hallucinate, and Trip Out!
TripGlasses £10 Meditate, Hallucinate, and Trip Out!
Mignonette Game kit £20 Make your own handheld game console!
Trippy RGB Waves kit £10 for one, £15 for two Interactive blinky lights!
LEDcube kit £15 Animated 3D cube!
HELLO Name Badge kit

Sold out

£15 Wear your name in lights!
MiniPOV kit £15 Write messages in the air!
MintyBoost kit £15 Charge your USB enabled gadgets!
BoArduino kit £15 Make your own fully functional Arduino — for solderless breadboards!
Diavolino kit £15 Make your own shield-compatible Arduino!
Programming and Communications cable (FTDI Friend) £15 Program your Arduino clone with Windows, MacOS, or Linux!
Open Heart kit £15 Animate fun patterns in the shape of a heart!
LoL Shield kit £20 Lots of LEDs! for your Arduino!
Drawdio kit £15 Make noise by drawing lines with this pencil!
Atari Punk Console kit

Sold out

£20 Cool music synthesizer!
Microcontroller programmer kit (USBtinyISP) £15 Program all your AVR family chips!

openscad workshop

We had a great turnout for the openscad workshop, 14 people in total, with some new people along too.



We started with a brief welcome to the space and everyone was introduced. Jon followed this with an introduction on constructive solid geometry including some nice examples of how he’d made various 3d printed objects.

Everyone then started working on modelling something using openscad and the four facilitators were on hand to answer questions and help people get started. It helped that everyone present had at least some programming experience, even if only in bbc basic!

We even had time to print David’s martini glass, when Ian did a nice demo of how to turn an STL into a real object with the hackspace’s reprap.

openscad workshop


Thanks again to all our participants and the faciliators: Chris, Ian, Jon and Matt.