Request a key & access card

If you are a member of the Hackspace paying a monthly membership subscription, and you would like 24hr access to the space, you can order a key/card set using this form.

The key/card sets are issued by the building owners,  BV Studios, for which they require a £40 payment by bank transfer (£20 of this is refundable if you return the key and card). The RFID card gives you access to the building, through the door further down Philip Street leading into the “loading dock” area, and the conventional key is for the door from the main corridor into the Hackspace. Unfortunately, they do not issue keys for the glass door that opens directly onto the street.

To obtain a card and key, fill in the form below with your details and attach a passport-style image of yourself (this is so that BV Studios know who you are!). On receipt of the form, details for the bank transfer for the deposit will be sent to the email address provided.

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Please note: as applications for key/card sets are processed by the building management they can take some time.